An afternoon of cake

Cake! I don’t think there’s a better topic of conversation for a Friday afternoon. I love cake. I always have. I always will.

This afternoon I had to go to the post office to renew my passport. The post office is near my favourite cake parlour, Cherry Cakes.

cherry cakes

I’d planned to go straight to the post office without so much as looking in the direction of Cherry Cakes. I made it into the post office. I completed the necessary forms and transactions. I left the post office.

I glanced to my right. The cake shop was calling! As well as all the cakes in the window, the shop really is incredibly pretty. I had to go in, and while I was there I’d buy a cupcake for Mum and Olivia, and maybe even one for myself!

There were lots of cakes on the table, ready to be boxed up. ‘They’re for a wedding,’ Tracey, Cherry Cakes’ owner said.

The cakes were amazing, and not what you’d traditionally associate with a wedding. There was a carrot one, a lemon one and a Snickers one. It was the Snickers one that really took my fancy.

‘It’s great that you came in,’ Tracey said. ‘So you could see the wedding cake options.’

I was so pleased I had. For my wedding, I’m not sure I want a traditional wedding cake. I like the idea of having a table full of cakes.

‘You like chocolate,’ Tracey said. ‘You could have a chocolate theme.’ She wrote down some ideas that I might want to think about. ‘Have a look, and then you can come in for a consultation.’

I was so excited! A cake consultation where I would get to talk about cake and sample them too.’ I was so excited that I almost-but-not-quite forgot why I’d entered the shop in the first place.

‘Cupcakes please.’ Just as I’d said it, I spotted the last few slices of a Chocolate Mud Cake under the counter. I wanted to tell Tracey to bag it up, I’d have the lot, but thought that might sound a bit greedy. ‘Three slices please.’

chocolate mud cake

It was absolutely delicious. I’m so pleased I stopped by. Now I have a few ideas about what kind of cake I’d like for the wedding. Cake may only be a small part of the day, but when you love cake as much as me, it’s actually very important.

I spent this afternoon writing and eating cake. There really is nothing better for a Friday afternoon!




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