Where to go on honeymoon?

We have no idea where to go on honeymoon. To try and find some inspiration we headed to our local Kuoni branch, which happens to be Meadowhall in Sheffield.

Kuoni meadowhall

We browsed the brochures. We weren’t really sure where to start.

‘There!’ Chris pointed to a brochure on the third shelf, two across, with the title Honeymoon Guide.


That seemed a good start. We flicked through it.There were so many lovely photographs of the most amazing places.

We were overwhelmed.

I approached a lady behind a desk. ‘Can you help?’ I asked. ‘We’re looking for a honeymoon, and we’ve no idea.’

The Kuoni advisor couldn’t have been more helpful. Within a second she was on her feet, taking brochures from the shelves.

Our wedding is in June, which means there are certain destinations, such as Barbados, which are no-go’s on account of it being their hurricane season. We’ve been to Barbados and absolutely fell in love with it (see pictures below), but we didn’t fancy going in hurricane season.

We narrowed our selection down to the countries in the world which would be suitable in June.

Europe, Indonesia, USA, Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles.

‘All you need to do,’ the sales advisor said. ‘Is to decide on the destination, then make an appointment and one of our specialists will take you through the options.’

It sounded perfect. The only problem is deciding where we want to go.

We left the shop, arms full of brochures, and headed to Pizza Express, where we could look at the brochures, discuss our options, and enjoy a huge pizza.

‘We need to decide whether we want an adventure, or a stop and flop honeymoon,’ Chris tucked into his romana padana.

‘Adventure,’ I said. ‘Definitely an adventure. Three weeks, with a bit of everything.’

The west coast of America seemed to be the favourite destination. The waitress was heading to LA this summer, so she was also excited for us.

Kuoni logo

We thought we’d got it sorted, but then I had the busiest week with work, and began to wonder whether a beach holiday may be better. By June next year I will (all being well) have finished a degree in English Literature, and a Master’s degree in Writing. I’m also working full time, planning a wedding, and running competitively.

‘With all this going on, I might not even make the wedding!’ I told Chris.

We started looking at other options. Chris fancied Santorini. He showed me a brochure. Santorini certainly looks like one of the most beautiful islands in the Med. It has stunning scenery, whitewashed villages and laidback tavernas. I could certainly see us spending time there.

‘But what about the adventure?’ I’d got my heart set on an adventure of some kind. I thought about it for a few minutes. ‘Let’s have two honeymoons!’

That was it! That’s the answer! Perfect.

Do you have any honeymoon recommendations? I’d love to hear your experiences.

Liz x





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