Let’s get the planning started

AFTER months of dark nights and cold wintry weather, it seems that spring has finally arrived. And that means one thing. The wedding season will be here before we know it.

I’ve just had a stroll to the shop. The sun is shining, for the first time in ages I didn’t need my coat. It was positively tropical.

My thoughts started wandering. I started thinking about our wedding.

Since getting engaged at Christmas, things have been very hectic, so I’ve not had much chance to think about wedding planning. It’s been a blur of work, study, running training, racing, and looking after our various pets (currently, one horse, two ponies, two dogs and a rabbit).

We have made progress with the wedding planning, the key things, which I will be updating you on, but I’ve not really had time to get excited.

Until now!

The short walk to the shop gave me the thinking time I needed. Before I knew it, I was smiling and there was a spring in my step. I entered the shop, went straight to the magazine section, and started searching for a bride magazine, just to have a look.

I didn’t intend to buy a magazine. I just wanted to see what publications were out there for when I do need them. On the front of Brides magazine was a headline about this season’s new dresses.

That was it! I bought it immediately.

Dresses. I love dresses. Dresses have always been my thing. Whether it’s a dress for an occasion, or just a dress for everyday, I love them.

Up to now, choosing a wedding dress has been way down on my list of priorities, but now it’s catapulted straight to the top.

It’s time to get excited for this wedding of ours.

cyprus 2010



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