Launching our wedding blog

Chris and I didn’t want to rush into anything, but after ten years together we’ve decided to get married.

There are two reasons for this decision: the romantic reason, and the not-so-romantic reason. We love each other and want to spend the rest of our lives together, that’s the romantic version. The unromantic reason involves pensions and practicalities. Of course, it’s the former!

Chris is many things to me: chef, training partner, sub-editor. He’s also my best friend, soul mate and love of my life. When he asked me to marry him on Christmas day, it was  a complete surprise, but I said yes. At the age of thirty-six, I didn’t think I’d be getting any better offers.

Plus, Chris is such a catch!

2013 to March 2015 559

During the first few weeks of our engagement, there was a lot of excitement and celebrating. Friends and family gave us bottles in abundance. Some even passed on a few words of wisdom, sharing their experiences of weddings and marriage.

‘Don’t do it,’ and ‘Save your money,’ cropped up a few times.

There was one piece of advice that has stayed with us. ‘Enjoy the planning, because the day will pass in a blur.’

A few people said it. We’ve also been to enough weddings to realise it’s true. We’ve decided to enjoy every moment of the planning, which is why we’re launching this blog. It seems the best way to capture our entire wedding experience.

What better day to launch it than on Saint Valentine’s Day. Actually, we’ve been meaning to start for a while, but looking at possible venues has got in the way. Rather than admitting we were delayed, we’ll say it’s a strategic decision to launch on the most romantic day of the year. We couldn’t have planned it better.

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